Friday, March 30, 2012

Moodiness in Adolescents

Moodiness in Adolescents
As parents, we are constantly wondering why our teenagers are so moody, and why their moods change so fast. The rapid changing of a teen’s brain links to the changing of moods in teens.  Hormones although, are not the main reason why teenagers are so moody, but they can play a big role in your teenager’s moodiness. There is a hormone called THP or (allopregnanolone), which releases into our bodies during stressful moments.  In adults, this hormone can be calming, but in teenagers, it can cause anxiety in teens, that leads to moodiness in teenagers (Poncelet, 2012). There is some good news though about this hormone in teenagers. The THP hormone tends to go away as the teen approaches adulthood (Poncelet, 2012). Other reasons causing your teenager to be moody are, negative life events such as, parents, disciplinary actions at school, and breaking up with a boyfriend or girl friend. Parents may also make an assumption as to whether the moodiness is caused from their teenager possibly being depressed.  If this is the case parents should look for signs as to how long their teenagers moodiness lasts, weight loss or weight gain, sleep disturbances, withdrawal from friends and family or talk of suicide. Concerned parents should also contact their family physician for more information (Poncelet, 2012).  There are some exercises and strategies that parents can use with their teenagers. Parents can introduce journal keeping, this exercise will help teenagers express their emotions and thoughts. However, parents must remember that there is a chance that their teen may not react very well to this exercise. Therefore, you must be ready to counter a negative response with a positive reaction in order to continue to hold the reigns (, 2009). If you are concerned about your teenager’s behavior, you should call your family physician (Poncelet, 2012).
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  1. I was definitely was a moody teenager. I feel bad for my parents because they had to deal with me being so moody all the time.

    Kristyn Farrice