Monday, March 5, 2012

Middle Childhood and Divorce

Middle Childhood is generally described as the period of life between the ages of 6-12 years of age.  This is the age where children are attending school, and making new friends outside of their family.  This can be very scary for children as they are learning how to adapt.  As children are becoming more of an individual during this stage what happens to their development when parents decide to divorce?  Divorce at any age for a child is a very confusing thing, but I feel especially at this age where they know enough to know something is wrong, but not enough to know that its not their fault and may place blame on themselves.  Children of divorce have more social, academic, and behavioral problems.  This may result from children being afraid of the unknown such as their future.  Where am I going to live?  Am I still going to see my other parent? Some may think that the divorce maybe there fault.  What parents need to do is  provide a stable, structured, nurturing environment and focus on the child’s needs.  Make sure there is cooperative parenting, and that the children see both parents as much as they can as this will help them transition better. 
Sam Martel


  1. Divorce is a very scarey thing for all children. My parents almost divorced when I was a child. My mother never told us what was going on. She just told us we were moving. It was horrible for me, because I was a daddy's girl and I though I would never see him again. TB

  2. Divorce is devastating no matter what the age of the child. Children are resilient and learn to adapt. That adaptation is not always positive. Children blame themselves. It can effect their social, academic and behavioral growth. They can be afraid and unsure of the future. Parents need to reassure children that the divorce is not their fault. Parents at both houses need to provide a stable, structured and nurturing environment. They need to focus on the child's needs. It will be a smoother transition for the children if the parents cooperatee with each other.
    Susan Davis

  3. My parents divorced when I was five years old, I still remember the social worker asking me who I wanted to live with. I didn't know! I couldn't understand what was going on, I just wanted to live with both my parents. When ever my husband and I fight Wensdae thinks that one us are mad at her, it just breaks my heart.

    Jackie Raio

  4. That is very good advice. It is very hard for children when a divorce is taking place. Most parents focus on how it will effect themselves and don't worry about how the children are feeling.