Friday, March 9, 2012

Importance of Knowing Your Child's Intelligence
By Peggyann Swopes

I think it’s extremely important for parents to know that there are multiple types of intelligences.  Gardner tells us of 8:
·         linguistic

·         logico-mathmatical

·         musical

·         spatial

·         bodily-kinesthetic

·         Naturalist

·         Interpersonal

·         Intrapersonal
Each child develops their own personality at their own pace.  A mother may be worried that her child isn’t talking and communicating like the other 6 year olds.  Gardner lets us know that it’s ok; she may be an intrapersonal learner.  Once a learning type is determined, homework and classroom activities could be more specific to the child’s needs.  Establishing intelligence types for children is essential in early years of learning.  Once it is acknowledged, teaching, nurturing, and discipline for the child will be much easier on the child.  In conclusion, I think it is very important to watch how your children grow and interact with other peers to give them the tools that best fit for them.


  1. I agree with your blog. I let my son learn through interaction with other children. You can only lead your child to learning skills. they must be developed at the child's own pace.

  2. It is important for parents to know about the different types of intelligence. It is also important for parents to know that every child has a different type of intelligence. Children need to be nurtured in their type of intelligence. It would be nice if classromm activities and homework were tailored to an individual student. That just does not happen in a typical classroom. Children, no matter what their type of intelligence, must take part in the same activity as every other child in that room. That is why some children get bored and some get behind. Teachers have to teach to a wide variety of intelligence types.
    Susan Davis

  3. I think this is great. There are so many parents out there that are not aware of the different types of personalities that children can obtain. By fully understanding where your child stands, you will be able to sufficiently provide them with the essential tools for succeeding in different settings.
    April Wiland