Saturday, March 24, 2012

Flourishing into Adolescence

Turbulent.  Disturbing.  Challenging.  Dramatic.  Conflicting.  Hormonal.  Irritable.  Welcome to adolescence! 

Adolescence: the transitional period of time from youth to adulthood.  It’s during this time that a young person transitions into an independent individual mentally and a maturing adult physically. 

The best advice I could give parents with adolescent children is very broad but very important:  stay open minded.  Teens today are not experiencing the same events and culture that their parents did.  Teens are exposed to much more adult matters than probably should, but there’s no way around it.  Parents should be aware of the toxins surrounding today’s youth.  I encourage anybody with children to be educated on eating disorders, depression, alcohol/drug abuse, law breaking, sexual orientation, sex, peer pressure or other significant adolescent issues.  By being educated and open minded on such topics will make teenagers feel more comfortable to talk to adults about these important issues.  Being educated is important because if teens come to you with questions, they want legitimate advice.  Giving inaccurate advice could result in a skewed formation of reality.  Keeping an open dialog with your children can sequence into a healthy understanding of life as they transition into adulthood.
-Jennifer Hancock


  1. I thought the best point you made was about continuing an open dialogue! How important is that?! When our kids are faced with so much peer pressure, hormonal craziness, and weird feelings all around what a relief it would be if they felt they could come talk to you about it.

    I have heard many parents tell me your child is not your friend, yet I feel it is during adolescence that they realize really you have been friends all along. They are facing so many new feelings and what a great day it would be if they could open up to their parent about it!
    About sex, love, drugs and all the other things that plague the minds of our young people today!

    Open dialogue! Good idea!

  2. I like how you have pointed out to also be aware of today's adolescents secular trends. Youth experiences do vary generation to generation. It is important for parents to recognize this truth and become familiar with these trends. Asking your teenagers about what these trends are and what they mean to your adolescent could be a valuable conversation for both of you. ~ Kori Bower

  3. This is great! I like how you made the point that teens are exposed to a lot more adult matter than they should be. This is something that some parents like to avoid. If parent's are educated on it and can be open and talk with their teens about it, it could keep their teens from getting into a lot of trouble.