Friday, March 2, 2012

Jennifer Marshall- Punishment

Discipling children is not the easiest job. We need to be consistent and find alternatives to punishing our children. Parents are always scared to punish their children because they are afraid what the side effects are. Some side effects are that children feel personally threatened even if all children in the family are receiving the same punishment. The children also try to avoid the punishing parent. So for the future the children may have issues with realtionships. With the side effects there are issues for their future relationships.
There are many alternatives to harsh punishment. Consistency. Being Consistent with positive punishment is good because children will know that their behavior is not acceptable. Having a warm parent child relationship is another alternative. Distracting children with love and affection with punishment helps children know that they are doing a bad behavior and know not to do it again. Doing positive discipline helps children know it is wrong and does not scare them. And it keeps the child from being fearful of their parents.


  1. Jennifer,
    I feel like redirection is a great alternative to spanking. Giving the child something positive to do is best. Positive reinforcement is much better for the child. However, I grew up with spanking. It was the norm in the 60's and 70's. I do not have any risidual affects from it. My husband and I chose not to use spanking as a means of discipline with our children. They are now 24 and 20. They have turned out just fine. The spanking was not needed.
    Susan Davis

  2. I also believe that redirection is a good way to help people follow a particular code of conduct or order, an a great way to do that is through praise. After all, what is discipline? the ability to motivate one in spite of a negative emotional state. Some undermine the 'power of praise' thinking that it will decrease productivity or decrease people's eagerness to want to do more than what is expected. But many scholars prove otherwise, they believe that it is effective to let people know what they do right and encourage them to repeat behaviors that produce good results.
    Nkechi Anyanwu

  3. My mother was a harsh disciplinarian. She spanked and slap a lot. We never had a good relationship because of that. She would scare us of our father (Just wait till your father gets home). My father rarely had to discipline us and I had a close relationship with him. It really does matter to your child how you discipline them. I wouldn't spank them because there are easier ways and kinder ways to get thruogh to your child. Terry Begley

  4. I would have to say that my main concern about being a parents is going to have to discipline them. I come from a family where spanking is the "normal" form of discipline. After taking this class and reading your different alternatives has provided me with a whole new insight. :)
    April Wiland