Monday, March 26, 2012

Communication is Key for Adolescents

          As our book points out, in American culture it is typical for adolescents to remain in their parent’s home until they reach late teens.  This can cause disputes between the adolescents and their parents as the adolescents strive to find themselves and their place.  Parents often try to guide their children by forcing them to adhere to the parent’s ideas of social norms, etc.  With the rage of hormones within the adolescent, wanting to be accepted by peers, and finding themselves, these young adults are often mistaken for lacking good judgment and common sense.  As a parent having dealt with my children who now range in age from 25 to 37, it was not always easy to smooth their path for the transition from adolescents to adulthood.  I would recommend to anyone raising children to learn the art of listening to your children.  Learn to truly hear what they are saying and you will find the more you listen and the less you talk, (known as lecturing by kids), you will be able to guide the child in decision making more effectively.  As a parent you do not have to allow bad behavior, but often there are underlying reason the adolescent is doing what they are doing.  The parent who leans to listen and have empathy or understanding for their child will gain more ground than the parent who tries to force every issue that comes along.  There will be times you as a parent will need to possibly force an issue, however, these can be few if you just listen.  Just remember, communication is key in dealing with adolescents. - Sam Dillé  

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