Friday, March 2, 2012

Can You See What I See?

Can You See What I See?
As a toddler grows into early childhood there are several changes that begin to occur.  Many of the changes are easy to see from the outside of the child’s body.  The child begins to trim down and lose some roundness; also the child’s body begins to look more in proportion.  But there are several other changes that take place within a child’s body during this time. 
Your child’s brain is changing a lot.  Many of the fine motor skills begin to come into play and your child’s imagination will really start to develop.  One area that will begin to change will be your child’s ability to make up stories and do things such as playing house.  This is the time that children might play tea party or pretending they are driving cars.  This ability to use everyday objects as play objects to better create their make-believe play. Don’t underestimate the importance of make-believe play in your child’s life.  This type of play has many benefits, including your child being more socially competent.  Often times as a child begins to make-believe, more children will be drawn into the play and creating a social connection between the children.  This is a wonderful time during a child’s life.
Natalie Rhoton

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  1. Natalie,
    My granddaughter is 3. She falls right in line with the developmental stages. She plays house. She sets her dolls at her table and serves them food. She even uses my kitcen towels for carpet. I have several sea shells in my bathroom. She uses them for pans. She pulls out the stool to my sewing machine and uses it for an oven. This chapter in the book was so exciting for me. I can see all of these changes happening with my granddaughter.
    Susan Davis