Sunday, April 15, 2012

Transitioning through Adulthood- Ashleigh Sayles

 Feeling like you do not know which direction your life is heading in? 
 Are you at that point when you must start making more permanent life decisions?
 According to Erikson's theory by the time a person reaches adulthood the controversy is intimacy versus isolation. People's form of intimacy is a progression from their style of attachment in earlier life. How individuals interact with the important people in their lives is something that typically stays constant throughout the lifespan. Although isolation may not be the primary goal for any person, at times people find themselves without an intimate partner for various reasons. Commonly, most people say that adulthood brings on the question of family versus career. In a lot of ways the 2 statements are not only correct but similar. Intimacy is something that comes strongly in adulthood for picking a permanent mate. Although, for men and women the age that this becomes a major decision is different, family and reproduction typically is a big step for all adults. A theorist named Levinson defines these different stages for men and women as the “seasons of life.” Through this theory he shows that in their 20's men are more focused on making secure career decisions. While women struggle with whether to focus their career or starting a family. By the time, these same individuals reach their 30's men are now the one's searching for a life partner and the women are trying to define themselves apart from their family through education or employment. These major decisions in life are one's that all adults face and must transition past to reach the next level of maturity. -Ashleigh Sayles

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  1. I am so glad you shared this topic with us. I was even more glad when we learned about it class. I had always questioned my life and where it is heading and if I had made any good choices in my life. This had always led me to believe I was different than other people and there is something wrong with me. Fortunately, for us all, it is just a part of life that everyone has to encounter in order to move on in their lives. Emma Bukowski