Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Clocks

We've all heard of a woman's biological clock.  But, have you ever heard of a social clock?

There are 3 types of social clocks: masculine, feminine, and neither.  Really scientific, huh? 

The masculine clock usually applies to males, but doesn't have to.  People that follow the masculine social clock are more career oriented and focused.  They want to develop their professional life before they have a family.  Once they feel their professional life has been established, they then focus on developing a family.

The feminine social clock is generally followed by women, but, once again, doesn't have to be.  The feminine social clock is centered around marriage and family.  Upon becoming an adult (generally and legally seen as 18 years old) they start to focus on finding "the one", getting married, and then starting a family with a kid or two.  After they have a family, they begin to question themselves and thier decisions.  At this point in time, you see people (usually women) return to work or school. 

Those that follow the masculine social clock have been found to be more satisfied with their life choices.  More woman are said to be following the masculine social clock in our society today.

Were you one of those that followed the feminine social clock?  Are you beginning to feel dissatisfied with your life and the way it is heading?  Maybe it is time for a change.  You could pick up a new hobby, jump back into the workforce, or obtain a college degree.  All of these things can lead to a higher level of life satisfaction.

Holli Mason


  1. We always hear about the feminine social clock, but I can't say I had ever heard of the masculine social clock. It makes sense. Thanks for sharing this. It helps me understand other values placement in the terms of other social clocks in relation to feeling accomplished in life. ~Kori Bower

  2. I do not really know where I fall in the social clocks. I recently got married, and I was only 20 years old. So with that I feel like I fall in the feminine social clock. However, I am almost a senior in college and will graduate next May with my BSW. I plan on going on to grad school, then working before I start having children. So with that I feel like I am in the masculine clock. I want to work, and I want to be a mom. So I guess I have traits of both clocks.
    Kelsea Bedford