Friday, April 20, 2012

Adulthood and cohabitation

According to our text, cohabitation refers to the lifestyle of unmarried couples who have a sexually intimate relationship and who share a residence.  Boy, does this sound all too familiar to me.  I am currently in my 2nd cohabitating relationship.  My first long term relationship lasted 12 years and that was with my children's father.  I guess looking back on it I knew we would never get married.  Our relationship, i felt, was never stable long enough for me to feel comfortable enough to marry him.  He could just never live up to my expectations of what a man and father should be, thus not being good marriage material.  Plus, in not getting married there was no nasty long divorce or custody battle.  For me, lack of trust plays the biggest role in deciding to make that, what I believe to be something that should last forever.  

However, it's funny, I also believe we were not intended to be with just one person our whole lives.  We as people change and grow, often growing apart resulting in divorce.  I think we are ment to be with a person only for a certain amount of time unitl whatever it was we were with them for is complete.  We meet people for a reason to serve a purpose and when that time is through so is the relationship.  As bad as that may sound, give it time and think about it. NOTHING last forever, why should relationships be any different?

This is reflective of Levison's Season's of life theory, how our lives are either in transistion phase or in a stable phase in our life.  Emma Bukowski


  1. Having been through many relationships and on my third marriage it is easy to see how a person could feel like relationships are not ment to last. However, traditionally men and women have stayed together for life, even if one was not faithful. It seems only in more recent years has the trend changed to where divorce and tempory relations have become somewhat the norm. (at least in American society) - Sam Dillé

  2. I too believe that some relationships are to be temporary. Some people are not the marring type. I do believe that some people will settle down and marry when they are ready.Confidece in a relationship helps keep it together.