Thursday, April 12, 2012

Elevator vs. Stairs

Today, over 34% of adults in the United States are obese. Weight is obviously an issue in this country.  I believe that the way we are raised as children and then what eating habits we decide to choose when we enter adulthood can really make a difference.  Along with a nutritious diet exercise is so important in maintaining a healthy weight.  An adult should exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.  Studies show that about 40% of adults in the United States are inactive, meaning they do not regularly exercise.  Even the small stuff helps, take the stairs rather than the elevator, and ride a bike to class rather than driving your car.  Exercise is not only good for your health right now, but there are major benefits in the long term as well.  Exercising lowers your risk of diseases, it also lowers your anxiety and depression and it helps you to be in a better mood.  So next time your adult child or even yourself have the option of going to McDonalds or going to the gym to work out, do not just think of the right here right now benefits, but also think about your long term health.

-Elisabeth Arnold


  1. I think video games have really made a negative impact on obesity in children. Instead of playing outside and running around, kids are inside playing video games for hours. -Jennifer Hancock

  2. I believe that obesity is a problem in America, some of the things that are causing this problem are actually the things that are said to 'make our daily lives easier'. For example, vehicles are necessary for our daily functioning but if you use it excessively, i can actually be a harm to us than good. For instance, if we ride vehicles every day to just a block or every other place than can be easily reached by feet , then it becomes a problem to our active life. This is more severe for those who work in the office every day with computers and don't use other forms of exercise. so driving to everywhere instead walking sometimes can decrease our active life if we don't use another form of exercise to make up for it. Another product that can discourage an active life at home is those so called 'cuddle blankets' (with sleeves) especially the ones with pockets where you can stuff snacks and TV remote control. They're said to keep you nice and cozy but from personal experience, once you lay in them on the couch you'll never want to get up. So you can imagine someone who works a 9-5 office job with computers, come back home and get into those after meals.
    Nkechi Anyanwu

  3. Most of us want to believe that we get enough exercise moving around, doing chores, and other things through out the day. Yet, our advanced technology has removed a lot of need for physical use of our bodies. I have been reminded that stopping the car to get out and physically open the garage door has even been converted to technology. Consider our tasks in moden society compared to the days of agriculture. We have eliminated a lot of common physical activities reducing physical health dramatically. It is important to recognize the need to seek out ways of incorporating additional exercise into our days so that we can maintain better physical health over time. ~Kori Bower

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  5. It is crazy how each generation gets lazier than the previous one. The more technology advances the lazier we get. From what I can see, it just keeps getting worse. A good diet and some exercise can save a person from a lot of illnesses and diseases. Just wish everyone would realize that.
    Kelsea Bedford