Friday, April 20, 2012

Cohabitation-Sam Martel

Cohabitation is becoming the "norm" for living arraingments among people today.  Cohabitation refers to the lifestyle of unmarried couples who have a sexually intimate relationship and who share a residence.  I believe that this is becoming a trend for a few reasons.  With the divorce rates in the United States close to 50%, many people, especially those that have been divorced before, are reluctant to jump into marriage again.  Many people need to get to know their partner and really talk about important topics such as children, and money.  Young adults need to know that marriage is an institution and should be taken seriously.  Many young adults see divorce as a quick way out.  For myself, I have been married once before and it ended in divorce.  I married young and really didn't know what I wanted.  I am  in a Cohabitating relationship and have been for some years now(he to is divorced) and we both are in no hurry to get married.  And that's OK.  Among the rise in cohabating relationships are young well educated adults.  I think that this is great that younger adults are focusing on their education more, and getting themselves financially stable before getting into marriage.  I hope that society in the United States can be more accepting to those in cohabatating relationships, and look at the positives instead of the negatives.


  1. I believe that Sam Martel has a corrtect view on a newer, younger cohabitation respective. I think is wise not to marry right away. impulsive people do not marry for the right reasons. Sex is not a reason to marry.

  2. I believe cohabitual relationships show great promise in a serious relationship. Before the commnittment of marriage you can live together and see what kind a roommate you would have. you will learn each others pet peves that could potentially ruin a marriage down the road. -Jennifer Hancock