Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Make-believe play

I have noticed while playing with my niece that she likes to pretend play. For example, she used a book light as a phone because it opened like a phone so she opened it up and said hello. Another thing she likes to do is get a plastic plate and put a toy on it so she can eat it or better yet give it to someone else so they can eat it. Pretend play not only reflects but also adds to children's cognitive and social skills. There are many studies that show that make-believe play strengthens a lot of mental abilities such as sustained attention, memory, logical reasoning, language and literacy skills, imagination, creativity, understanding of emotions, and the ability to reflect on one's own thinking, control one's own behavior, and take another's perspective. As you can see make-believe play is beneficial for your child so you do not have to buy expensive toys. Let them use their imagination and you can join in on the fun as well which is also beneficial.

By: Kristyn Farrice


  1. This is great advice. I think it is very interesting that children often are attracted and enjoy toys that are home-made or inexpensive. I think that it is a common misconception that you need to buy expensive toys for your child. Often the greatest experience for play is in the home with common household objects. For instance, pots and pans for a young child to make noise with.
    -Jordan Milliken

  2. I brought home a very big box one time when my grand-daughter was about four. It was just about two weeks before Christmas. I cut a door and a window into the box and she played in the box all the time. She loved it! After Christmas when she had received about a million gifts, the box remained her most active toy. She would play with other toys, but most of the time she just played in the box, mostly useing her imagination. Oh, and her little tea set. - Sam Dillé

  3. There are home videos of me as a kid just sitting in a box. My parents say I always liked it better than toys. haha

  4. I remember when I was a kid I would always make up the grand games from random objects. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was play "house" in my backyard. I always made my "home" from my favorite climbing tree. I had a kitchen, a fireplace, and a bedroom. I had lots of fun by myself out there. I love watching kids come with all these intricate ideas from random things. There creativity always amazes me!

    Kelsea Kreighbaum

  5. I have a granddaughter that I have fun watching when she is playing make-believe. She gets out my dish towels and spreads them out on the floor for carpet. She makes each towel a room for her dolls. She tells me according to carpet (towel) what room each doll is in. She folds up the dishrags for chairs or beds in the rooms. Kids don't need expensive toys. They can have just as much or more fun with inexpensive items. I like to watch her grow and develop. She fits right in with the developmental and physical stages that we have been studying in class.
    Susan Davis