Thursday, February 16, 2012

Childhood Injuries by Jordan Howe

Did you know the leading cause of death among our children today is unintentional injuries? There are many ways us as adults can make our children safer. Just the little things that we can do to protect our kids could actually save their lives. Some people think things such as car seats for children are silly. A lot of people talk about how when they were young they never wore seat belts let alone sat in car seats. The truth is those car seats could be the one thing in a car accident that could save your child’s life. Other accidents can be controlled just by continually going over safety rules with your children. Sometimes we think that our children know the rules and will never forget them, but the truth is they are children and they forget sometimes. We should never think that they remember everything we tell them. Little things such as reminding them to put on their bicycle helmet or not running into the street could stop a lot of childhood accidents. Even if children do know the rules, sometimes they just act quickly and don’t think about it. Providing supervision for your children is another way that you can make their world safer. Keeping an eye on your kids will make sure that they aren’t doing something that could lead to accidently hurting themselves. Kids don’t always do what we think they will and we as adults need to do everything in our power to protect them. We may not be able to protect them everywhere they go, and of course they will still get hurt occasionally, but we can put a stop to a lot of the accidents that take place. So, please don’t look at laws and say “oh we never did that so why should we make our kids.” The world is constantly changing and what might have been safe when you were little may not be safe now. The laws that are put in place are there for the children’s safety. 


  1. I've laughed often with others that we survived without a seat belt growing up out of pure awe struck wonder. Maybe it was the massive vehicles our parents drove that reduced the number of fatalities or even a smaller portion of drivers were on the road then. Regardless, I really enjoyed your post on children safety. We are fortunate to have so much information on safety available to us today. Safety awareness should not be ignored. A local group, Nevada Multi-Sport, sponsors a bike safety program every year, extending a free bicycle helmet to all of the children that attend. It is a wonderful way to equip children who've never owned a helmet and making bike safety fun!

  2. Jordan good post. When my kids were young it seemed I had to remind them to buckle their seatbelt every time we got in the car. After they were big enough they did not need a carseat, I decided to keep a few $1 bills with me at all times and told them that anyone who remebered to fasten their seatbelt without being reminded would receive $1. It worked so well I was going broke. So after about a week I told them we were going to use another method. Anyone who did not forget to fasten their seatbelt all week long would recieve a $5 reward on Saturday. It only took one time for each of them to not get their reward because they forgot, then they each started reminding each other so they could all get their reward.- Sam Dillé

  3. Safety laws are enacted for a purpose, our safety. Putting on seatbelts and bike helmets take a little extra time, but the benefits are well worth it. What is time when it comes to our children? It is one of the essential things that children need from parents. Safety is just one area that shows how valuable our times is to our children. I did not grow up with seatbelts or bike helmets, but I am certainly glad they were available for my children. It is impossible to protect children from every injury, but we as parents can sure make a difference.
    Susan Davis